Friday, January 16, 2009


Ok so I decided to talk about nicknames today because someone asked me if I had a nickname. Of course I said no but that is because I didn't want to say any of my nicknames. So here they are thomas, tom, tommy, tommyboy, lunchbox, prude, mormon kid, t-bone, tuna, tguns , terburulocous, tab, tb, the hey you guy, annoyance, that guy, kissy boy, cupcake, thomas-tom, t shirt tom, tom tom, creepy tom tom, hot guy. Ok so hot guy I made up but the else is all my annoying names goodbye...


  1. haha i remember i called you tommy for like a week but it just sounded weird. so i stuck to thomas, and T bone.

    who would have thought the Cardinals would make it??

    who calls you lunch box? and cupcake? :)

  2. That was funny. Dominate. Excellent. Hey, are you still part of the Pentagonist religion? I'd really like to see what they believe, can you invite me to some meetings? I can't remember who told me about this religion but it sounds legit, so can you hook me up?