Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Am Deca

Ok so this week I went on a deca field trip it was amazing! Well if amazing is the same as adequate then yes yes it was amazing... here's the knowyouknowz of the trip. First we went to this magical place that made you go back in time to the eighteen hundred oh how I wish I could live in the eighteen hundreds this wondrous place is known as crackle barrel you can eat food while trying to learn the intermechanisms of checkers. Which I dominate at by the way. Just goin to throw that out there... Then we went to these deca classes where I learned to be deca however me being so full of deca already decided to explore the caves of the hockey stadium. There is just something about being in high places that makes me want to chuck things as far as I possibly can and I threw money to the ice and of course I got kicked out isn't that lame well we ended up chillen at johny rockets. Me flasher, spicy, dawn, and dakota haha it was pretty much amazing oh and things are great I got a 71 percent on my math quiz! And im falling in love so thanx for visitin my blog wait what was I writing about ummm... yes