Sunday, March 22, 2009

Favorite Things in This World

Ok so I know that I haven't been to the blog in forever and I just realized that now when I read how many post katie put up that I haven't even checked yet. I don't have much to talk about so I thought I would put up my favorite things in this world that don't include the lame family friends religion stuff. Here are just a few
1. The office! (I guess that is probally included in family friends and religion but all well)

2. Random! Of course I don't really do anything random that katie does cuz im not crazy!

3. The uneccesary use of a question mark aren't they just stupendous?????

4. Mix cd's they are amazing and I love other peoples music even though mine is great, and not emo like some people say.

5. Fountain drinks, I don't know what it is I just like them a lot more then regular soda I have to have my fix especially with vanilla!

6. Driving, of course only when im a catious driver it is bad to misuse such a great privelage

7. Chips?
That goes for inside jokes...

8. Candy necklaces and pretty much anything you can get at the dollar store.

9. Picking RANDOM items or topics that may seem controversial and obsessing over that one thing...

10. Teacher gossip which for some reason has gone out of style katie really needs to get back on that...

11. Tennis which appariently I don't take seriously so all well.

12. Not taking things serious...

13. Awkward situations and the use of ... to make things awkward?

14. Going to different houses and not showing up till the very last second of curfew.

15. The feeling you get when the a teacher calls your cell phone and leaves you voicemails that makes you know that people are always thinking about you. And watching you. And plotting things against you....!

16. Trying to make a new best guy friend which doesn't work because your old best friend sucks!

I encourage all of us to count our many blessings because we will be surprised at what the lord has done count them one by one till you get to sixteen then stop and go to sleep?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Am Deca

Ok so this week I went on a deca field trip it was amazing! Well if amazing is the same as adequate then yes yes it was amazing... here's the knowyouknowz of the trip. First we went to this magical place that made you go back in time to the eighteen hundred oh how I wish I could live in the eighteen hundreds this wondrous place is known as crackle barrel you can eat food while trying to learn the intermechanisms of checkers. Which I dominate at by the way. Just goin to throw that out there... Then we went to these deca classes where I learned to be deca however me being so full of deca already decided to explore the caves of the hockey stadium. There is just something about being in high places that makes me want to chuck things as far as I possibly can and I threw money to the ice and of course I got kicked out isn't that lame well we ended up chillen at johny rockets. Me flasher, spicy, dawn, and dakota haha it was pretty much amazing oh and things are great I got a 71 percent on my math quiz! And im falling in love so thanx for visitin my blog wait what was I writing about ummm... yes

Sunday, January 25, 2009

You Need to Leave.

Ok so this week all my friends have been bringing up the subject of being kicked out of places for some random reason. It startes when karissa and I were kicked out of walmart for filming in their store which is just plain ridiculous! So I've been thinking of all the places I have been kick out of. First I've been kicked out of a tacobell! I've been kicked out of walmart. I've been kicked out of disneyland ok that's actually a good story I wuz locked out of my room at the hotel and went in disneyland wearing showercaps for shoes... I've been kicked out of the anaheim convention center but that's because I snuck in and through paper by the janitor to freak him out from upstairs. I've been kicked out of a hilton conference room, california. Been kicked out of an employee zone in the mariott of dc that I lived in 4 a month. Been kicked out of walmart cuz I hid when the store closed they were not happy bout that. Been kicked out of the superstion mall because of mutual find waldo game. As well as the new mall because I snuck into the office area when the door was open and rode the elevatore. Those are really the only ones where employees helped escort me many others where I just get requested to leave I guess people just don't like me...

Friday, January 16, 2009


Ok so I decided to talk about nicknames today because someone asked me if I had a nickname. Of course I said no but that is because I didn't want to say any of my nicknames. So here they are thomas, tom, tommy, tommyboy, lunchbox, prude, mormon kid, t-bone, tuna, tguns , terburulocous, tab, tb, the hey you guy, annoyance, that guy, kissy boy, cupcake, thomas-tom, t shirt tom, tom tom, creepy tom tom, hot guy. Ok so hot guy I made up but the else is all my annoying names goodbye...