Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Goals

Last Sunday during church my class teacher handed each teen a piece of paper and a pencil. Then they started to teach a lesson about goal setting and how it is important to set goals for each year. So I did as he said and started listing my goals for the school when asked to share what I wrote he was not pleased with my goals. Yeah I could have given him a list of things I wanted to do better in, but I decided to do church seriuosly and give things that I would at least try to attempt.
  1. Put up false garage sale signs in a random neighborhood.
  2. Make a networking profile for a staff member in the husd school district.
  3. Scream as loud as I can in a public place.
  4. Call 5 people I dont know dog sizzle...
  5. Go to a church i dont know and say praise the lord.
  6. Hand out flyers to something I will not be attending.
  7. Pretend to be someone Im not for a long period of time.
  8. Talk to an adult as if they are 3 years old.
  9. Blast Motab at a red light with all my windows down.
  10. Make someone that hates me think that they are going on a date with me. (anissa)

Well even though Im supposed to make realistic goals I wont waste these ones Besides i like them a whole lot better.


  1. YAY you have a blog!!!!!
    And you had better include me in some of your New Years Goals! :)

  2. And we need to put a really funny picture for your profile picture! Maybe we should put up a picture of jake, sleeping in Seminary...hmmm...

  3. Welcome to the blog-o-sphere T-Bone!!

    Loved the goals--just don't EVER talk to me like I am 3 years old and don't EVER ask one of my girls out and don't mean it. You will be dead to me.

    And keep those ribs coming...